LibIndic is a Indic language processing applications library. It consists of a web framework and a set of applications for processing Indian languages. Libindic can also be used as a python library or as a webservice from other applications.

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Varnam is a cross platform predictive transliterator for Indic languages. Varnam aims at providing consistent input experience across different platforms in almost all indic languages.

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Indic Keyboard for Android

Indic keyboard is a native input keyboard application for Android mobile devices. It extends Android’s default keyboard and adds support for 16+ languages with 36 input layouts in total

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Firefox Indic Keyboard

Firefox Indic IME is a keyboard application for indian language input in Firefox OS. It currently supports 14 indian languages.

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Libindic Android SDK

Libindic software development kit is the Android porting of LibIndic . This helps mobile application developers to use indian language algorithms while developing android applications .

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dhvani is a text to speech system designed for Indian Languages. It is helpful for the visually challenged users as a screenreader in their mother tongue. Currently dhvani is capable of generating intelligible speech for Bengali, Gujarati, Hindi, Kannada, Malayalam, Marathi, Oriya, Panjabi, Tamil, Telugu, Pashto(experimental)

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ibus-sharada-braille(ISB) is an ibus input engine based on six key approach of braille. It currently supports seven languages English, Malayalam, Hindi, Kannada, Tamil, French, and Spanish.

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Grandham.org is an effort to build crowdsourced bibliography datapool. It suppports all indian languages and have interfaces and apis fo library, publishers and general public. The Malayalagrandham dataset the biggest bibliography data set in malayalam and may be the largest malayalam Open data archive.

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Indic Fonts

We have developed Indian language reference fonts for diverese use cases such as body text, title , onamental and handwriting. These fonts are popular and widely adopted . We have Malayalam and Tamil. fonts at this point

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